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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rabbits – Lower Forms

Rabbits – Lower Forms
[Relapse, 2011]
genre: metal, crust, hardcore, sludge, screamo, doom, punk, drone
Album Review by Sovereign
There is angry energy and a hardcore metal in here that appears above punk dust and sludge fog. The vocals are dirty, so dirty, dirtier than ever heard before. The vocalist is truly a hardcore / punk screamer. I think a lot of people could say that he is annoying. But this is the point, he has the dirtiest screams I‘ve ever heard in these genres and that’s cool. Rabbits produce a kind of punk that goes screamo and ends in a very slow and lo-fi style that reaches sludge and doom stoned music variations. The combination in this album is great. The genres mixed are close to each other, but I am truly sure that I have never listen to this kind of sludgy and dirty scream hardcore that sometimes goes down, so down, below the average doom metal band. The album is a down-tuned guitar masterpiece with a modern punk and dirty-sludge attitude. Give them a try, they are a new member in Relapse stable and they do it well. For fans of Converge, A Day to Remember, Refused, Kylesa, Melvins, EyeHateGod, 16, Grief, High on Fire, Darkthrone, Dystopia, Melt-Banana and Orange Goblin.
1. Burn, Sun, Burn
2. A Tale Of Tales
3. We Beat
4. Noise to Share
5. Duck, the Pigs
6. Invisibugs
7. The Flow Below
8. Weight Here
9. No Depth
10. Rot

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